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Depilatory arrow Waxing arrow Hard Wax - Chocolate and Honey
Cotton Pads HolderPre-Depilatory Lotion

Hard Wax - Chocolate and Honey

Hard Wax - Chocolate and HoneyHard Wax - Chocolate and Honey
Natural Hard Wax for hot depilation. Enriched with several moisturizing elements, ideal to be used on the body and on the face.

* Hard Wax Chocolate and Honey;
* Ritual Wax composition:
•  Our wax composition is completely made with natural raw materials and tropical fragrances, different ingredients than the regular wax;
• 100% of bees’ wax has a great nutritional and revigorate value.
• The honey combining with our other 3 tropical fragrances has great regenerative property’s for the skin,
o It works perfectly with any kind of skin;
• The tropical fragrances, have a good and delicate aroma.
* Chocolate and Honey - works as antioxidation;
* Hot depilation wax;
* Enriched with several moisturizing elements;
* It can be used on the face and on the body;
* 1 kg cake.

Number pieces in packaging:1
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